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Ringworm In Cats

SAFE Blue Light…A Great Way To Eliminate Ringworm In Cats

Research has shown that SAFE LED Blue Light (NOT UV) in a specific Nanometer or wavelength (405nm to 470nm) can help eliminate the Fungus that causes Ringworm In Kittens. Amazing stories come in every week but this Top Of The Line Breeder in Arkansas one of the best yet. She basically told us “you saved my business”


Reference From A Top Cat Breeder

How are the lights working for you?

“Let me tell you this…six months ago every single kitten would have ringworm by six weeks of age….it was terribly discouraging. We used baths and dips and salves and pills and nothing worked. The blue lights cleaned up the cattery. No More ringworm! No more upper respiratory illnesses! Every single pet store should have these. Every single kennel should have these. You saved my business. Serious”.

How do you use the lights?

“We leave the lights on 24/7. They don’t bother the cats at all…still breeding and healthy”.


How is it working on ringworm spots?

Early on…we were still getting a few ringworm spots on ears…we would use the handheld for 30 seconds on each area once a day for two days and the ringworm disappeared”.


“ I can’t begin to explain to you how upsetting it is to get chronic litter after litter ringworm. And invariably a kitten would be ready to go and within days ringworm would be in the ears and face and toes…the worse…the absolute worse would be on the tail…it would takes months literally months to clean up. By then I’d have lost the sale. Its and economic problem for a breeder and an animal husbandry problem for a breeder. Ringworm creates health issues from constant scratching and kittens lose vigor and weight and obviously hair loss. I didn’t appreciate how ringworm felt until I got it on my arm. The itching is unreal. Other benefits of the lights is I’m not using bleach anymore for “bacteria control” I can use cleaning vinegar and Dawn dish soap and I’m OK. I have eliminated running noses and eyes from not using harsh chemicals that I thought I HAD to use”


How To Pick Out The Right Light For Your Cattery

We have several choices of SAFE Sanitizing Lights to choose from.

  1. We have a line of LED Linear lights that you can mount on your walls or above a door frame. These work great for in home applications, basements, garages and more. They come in 24″, 36″ and 48″ lengths

LED Tube Light Bacteria Killing Blue Bacteria Light

We recommend the following;

For a room size of 10″L x 10’W x 8′ High we recommend (2) of the 36″ long

Click Below link for more information and to purchase the units. 

LED Blue Bacteria Killing Tube Fixture 36″ 14W – turnontheblue

These are very easy to mount and you can mount on top of door frames as shown or on a wall. You can wire them in series if you want. the come with a plug so easy to plug into an existing 120VAC wall socket. Pictures below show them being used in a Cattery in Arkansas. They are mounted on the walls and are turned on 24/7.



For a room size of 15″L x 15’W x 8′ High we recommend (2) of the 48″   22W long strips. 

Click below for more information and to order.

LED Blue Bacteria Killing Tube Fixture 48″ 22W – turnontheblue


Cattery Blue Light
Blue Light Cattery



For Larger Rooms 20′ L X 20’L x 10′ high ceilings

we have a higher wattage unit (90W) that works better for this kind of application. This unit also works better for those who have a more commercial operation in a garage, basement, new building etc. This unit can be used for new buildings as well as existing. It has both Blue Sanitizing light and White area lighting. It comes with a remote control and timers so you can turn just the blue sanitizing light on or bot the blue and white area light. Lots of new Catteries are now ordering this light for both area lighting and sanitizing light at the same time.

Blue Light Breeding Facility



For those who want a more portable method to clean there catteries we have a high wattage unit that is portable and puts out 200W of Sanitizing light. You can move this from room to room and sanitizing only where you want. Great for those who want to Sanitize larger areas and move the light around.

Click Here For More Information and to Purchase:

Portable 120W Bacterial Killing LED Light – turnontheblue




Hand Held Technology to Treat Spot Locations of Ringworm on your cats. 

Special Bonus this unit can be used on your other animals and you it works great on humans also…..helps get rid of wrinkles, stretch marks, helps heal wounds, kills MRSA, Staph and strep to help keep yourself and your animals healthy. 


Click here to learn more and purchase this Amazing Tool

Hand Held Blue Bacteria Killing Light – turnontheblue


Pet Cage Sanitizer or Can Light Replacement Sanitzer

If you already have some can lights in the ceiling you can replace them with our Par 38 Sanitizing light. Works great for spotlighting specific areas or using to clean pet cages and more.

Click here to purchase and learn more.

LED Par 38 Bacteria Killing Light (turnontheblue.com)


If you have any more questions please feel free to give any of us a call.

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