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NSF Food Grade Bacteria Killing Lighting

Having Trouble With Salmonella, Listeria and other Bacteria In Your Plant?

Food Packaging Bacteria Killing Light
Bacteria Killing Blue Light Food Grade


Our NSF Food Grade Blue Lights Kill Listeria, Salmonella and More

The use of Visible Light in wave lengths measuring from 400nm to 470nm are becoming a more popular technique and adder to existing cleaning methods for decreasing or eradicating pathogens in the food processing industry.

LED NSF Food Grade Blue light wave length in the 405-470nm range has been proven to reduce or eliminate E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and other foodborne pathogens. Just how effective the treatment is depends on exposure time, level of irradiation, and the technology used. Plus LED light in this nanometer range is SAFE for humans. You do not have to close the doors and keep people away for hours.

With Food Grade LED NSF lights you can turn it on when you leave the plant and turn it off when you come back in the morning. You can also leave them on 24/7 so they are cleaning full time. Lifespan of our LED Bacteria Blue Lights are 50,000 hours. Safe and long lasting unlike UV lighting.

Hang it from the ceiling using a linear fixture or UFO or use our portable LED Blue Light on a tri-pod.

Research Has Been Done Showing Specific Blue Light Kills A Wide Range Of Bacteria. See List Below

Research Already Has Been Done For Disinfecting Listeria and Salmonella

Snippets of Research Paper                                                                                                               

Bactericidal Effects of 405 nm Light Exposure Demonstrated by Inactivation of Escherichia, Salmonella, Shigella, Listeria, and Mycobacterium Species in Liquid Suspensions and on Exposed Surfaces

Figure 3 shows a qualitative representation of the bactericidal effect of high-intensity 405 nm light on the four bacteria, E. coliS. sonnei, S. enterica, and L. monocytogenes. The streaks of bacteria were light-exposed for 15, 30, and 45 minutes (Figures 3(a)3(b), and 3(c), resp.). It can be seen that L. monocytogenes was the most susceptible and that by 45 minutes of 405 nm light exposure all of the tested species of bacteria were effectively inactivated.

  1. monocytogenesalso proved to be the most readily inactivated organism when seeded onto agar surfaces, with 100% inactivation achieved with an average dose of 128 J cm–2.

This study further investigates the inactivating effect of high-intensity 405 nm light exposure on taxonomically diverse bacterial pathogens. Inactivation data on three species of enteric facultatively anaerobic Gram negative bacilli (Salmonella entericaShigella sonnei, and Escherichia coli) were compared with the facultatively anaerobic Gram-positive coccobacillus Listeria monocytogenes and with the aerobic, acid fast Gram positive bacillus Mycobacterium terrae. The study also aimed to determine the effectiveness of 405 nm light for inactivating bacteria in both liquid suspensions and on exposed surfaces


We have several products Available Depending Upon the Size of Your Applications



Model NT-HB-450C-80w NT-HB-600C-120w NT-HB-600C-160w NT-HB-600C-200w NT-HB-900C-300w
Power 80w                             120w                             160w                             200w                              300w
Input Voltage AC100-277V/AC200-480V, 50/60HZ
Power factor >0.95
Working temperature -40℃~45℃
Lumen efficacy
Color temperature 420-450-NM Blue
Beam angle 15°/25°/40°/60°/90°/120°/30°X70°/49°X21°/136°X78°
CRI Ra>70/Ra>80
Housing color White, Aluminum
Lifespan >50.000 hours@L70


448*250*69mm 556*250*69mm 810*250*69mm


Model Unit price Air Shipping cost
2ft 80W $275.00  each $75.00 each
2ft 120W $295.00  each $75.00 each
2ft 160W $315.00  each $75.00 each
2ft 200W $335.00  each $75.00 each


Estimated production time is 15-20 days, shipping time takes 7-10 days.

Terms are prepaid with check, credit card or wire transfer at time of order for orders.

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List of other  Bacteria Blue Light has been shown to attack and kill

The list below showcases just the species that this technology has already been proven to kill—there are even more to be tested. These include gram negative and gram positive bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeast, mold and fungi:

Gram positive

Staphylococcus aureus (incl. MRSA)
Clostridium perfringens
Clostridium difficile (commonly called C. diff, a bacterial endospore)
Enterococcus faecalis
Staphylococcus epidermidis
Staphyloccocus hyicus
Streptococcus pyogenes
Listeria monocytogenes
Bacillus cereus (a bacterial endospore)
Mycobacterium terrae
Bacillus circulans
Streptococcus thermophiles

Gram negative

Acinetobacter baumannii
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Proteus vulgaris
Escherichia coli
Salmonella enteritidis
Shigella sonnei
Serratia spp.
Salmonella typhimurium

Bacterial Endospores

Bacillus cereus
Clostridium difficile

Yeast and Filamentous Fungi

Aspergillus niger
Candida albicans
Saccharomyces cerevisiae