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Medical Office Buildings

How Are You Going To Keep Your Medical Office Free From Bacteria and Viruses?

Turn On The Light

Dentist And Doctors across the country are turning to Bacteria Killing Blue Light and UV Light to Kill Viruses to keep themselves, their patients and workers SAFE.

What will your office look like as we move forward? Many business owners are now reviewing what they need to do to protect their customers and employees from bacteria and viruses. We have a perfect solution on how to keep your work area safe and FREE from bacteria and viruses.

Option 1: Safe LED Linear Focused Visible Bacteria Killing Blue Light.  Easy Installation. Hang on ceilings, walls, doors, door frames and plug in. Safe for Humans and Animals; Leave on during day with your white area lighting. Will not harm patients or employees

Option 1: Safe LED Linear Focused Visible Bacteria Killing Blue Light.  Easy Installation. Hang on ceilings, walls, doors, door frames and plug in. Safe for Humans and Animals; Leave on during day with your white area lighting. Will not harm patients or employees

Dentist and Doctors are installing proven Blue Bacteria Killing lights in their offices. These are SAFE lights that are used to kill a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and more. They are installing these lights in their treatment rooms along with there existing area lights they use everyday. Electricians are connecting these lights to the existing room lights so when they turn them on the Blue Bacteria Killing lights also turn on.

This makes it easy for them to keep the area clean of bacteria the entire day while they are working. Here are a few more pictures of a few of our applications in medical offices.

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UV Light Kill Viruses

Option 2: Easy To Install UVC Wall Mount Bacteria and Virus Killing Lamp

Helps Disinfect Viruses and Bacteria Including Flu, Corona, MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and More….”Turn On The Blue”


UV light kills viruses and bacteria. When using UV light you must only use when NO ONE is in the room. Dentist use these at night when no one is in the office. Electricians are wiring them to a timer so they turn on about 2:00am and turn off about 3:00am. They leave them on for about an hour to clean the office area of any type of Virus including the COVID virus.

These UV lights also come with a remote start, 3 different timers and a motion sensor in case someone does come in the room when the UV light is sanitizing the area.

What Is UV Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of light, invisible to the human eye, that exists on the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light. We are exposed to low levels of UV light from the sun’s rays every day. UVA is the one that gives you that nice tan. UVB is the one that leaves you with a nice burn. UVC does not make it through the atmosphere and for good reason. It is filtered out by the atmosphere.

Wave Chart
Wave Chart

Ultraviolet Light

You’ve probably seen the visible light spectrum before; on the spectrum, visible light (violet to red) is from 380 nanometers to 780 nm. As a reference, most household lamps are between 500 and 700 nm. We use blue light in the visible spectrum from 405-470nm to kill a wide range of bacteria. Fire departments, doctors, dentist, building owners and more are using these light to keep their areas FREE from MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and more.

405nm to 470nm of blue light kills bacteria not viruses.

For UV Light it is know that 254 nanometer UVC is very anti-germicidal and kills bacteria and viruses including the Covid virus.

Why does UVC work?

It looks nice to have a nice tan but you actually are damaging your skin. At the foundation of a suntan or sunburn is skin cell damage caused by Ultraviolet-A and -B rays given off by the sun. UV rays are harmful. SPF 30, Earth’s atmosphere, and evolution have allowed us and most organisms to develop a tolerance to moderate levels of UVA and UVB. That’s the big difference. To much of either one can cause serious skin damage and skin cancer.

The sun gives off UVC, too, but it’s not strong enough to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere. So, there’s been no chance for infectious bacteria and viruses to develop a similar immunity. Hospitals use UVC to kill germs because its germicidal characteristics can be unequivocally relied upon. This has been studied for close to 100 years.

Who uses UVC?

UVC is commonly used in hospitals, air and water filters, microbiology labs, etc. They rely on high strength UVC for disinfecting because it works. It kills germs quickly and effectively. UVC rays attack and deactivate DNA and paralyze all cellular functions. Bacteria, viruses, and even antibiotic-resistant superbugs have no tolerance to UVC. UVC light deactivates the virus and it cannot survive.

UVC lights are now available in both quartz tubes and LED lights. The best anti-germicidal rating is 254nm. LED lights come in 280nm which is effective but not as much as 254nm.  Effectiveness is a function of UVC strength and exposure time. Lamps are normally positioned at short distances from the surface because it works most effectively in the lamp’s line of sight.

Is There A Good Reason To Use UVC Light?

#1 UVC light has been studied for close to 100 years. The facts are it does kill viruses up to 99% of the time. Does it kill the COVID virus the answer is probably yes. The new COVID virus is very close to a lot of the Corona Viruses that have been tested an proven to be 99% destroyed. UVC energy is environmentally friendly, chemical free and prevent these viruses from replicating in any environment.

Keep in mind that UVC light does kill viruses but you must be very careful using these lights. All of our lights have remote starts on them, timers on them and motion sensors to keep everyone safe. You must use these when NO ONE  is in the room. Period…end story. You do not want look at this light.

If you have any questions regarding this technology please give us a call. We are here to explain and help you keep your offices SAFE from Bacteria and Viruses.

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