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Clean Cab Concept

True Clean Cab Concept

Today there is a huge debate on Clean Cab Concept especially making sure that all the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs) is not stored in the cab. The logic makes sense if this equipment is not stored inside that cab then the crews exposure will be minimized. Makes total sense except……

What About The Unforeseen Contaminates That Enter The Cab Everyday….MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and MORE?

Research has shown that MRSA has been found on the steering wheels, brake pedals, door handles, seats, floors and more inside the cabs of ambulances and fire trucks.

True Clean Cab concept includes killing all the bacteria that finds it’s way into your cabs along with the soot and other cancer causing items.

We have been told that 75% of the firetruck runs are along with an ambulance and not to a fire. With this being the case shouldn’t you be bit worried about all the unforeseen bacteria you are bringing into your cab? Our proven LED Blue Lights that kill bacteria will provide your department with a True Clean Cab Concept.

Managing these risk are a very important responsibility of our leaders. Clean Cab Concept makes total sense. Firefighting is an inherently a very dirty job. The question is how do we best protect our firefighters and EMS responders from contamination and cross-contamination from occupational this exposure? We are working on doing our best to provide them with affordable bacteria killing products that are safe, easy to use and work without any real effort from the crew. Just plug them in when you hit shore power and let them clean. Use our portable units to help clean your equipment rooms, weight rooms, bunks, laundry areas and more in the station.

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Summary Blue Light Disinfection   PDF

Turn On The Blue and be SAFE

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