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Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue Light helps clear up acne

Acne Buster 

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How Does Light Help Acne

Product Description & Benefits

The Acne Buster Anti-Acne Light Therapy LED device uses Blue Light that has been show to help with Acne. This High Power Acne Busting Light not only helps with your acne but it also has Red Light that has been shown to help rejuvenate your skin and help you heal faster. The Acne Busting system uses 420nm blue LED light to treat  acne-causing bacteria. The Blue and Red Light device fights existing skin conditions and helps prevents future bacteria build up. Not only does it treat acne related skin issues, it also rejuvenates skin, improving skin texture, color and tone. It is gentle enough for all skin types. Utilizing powerful Light Emitting Diodes (LED)  teens and adults love the way it starts attacking your acne immediately.

  • Helps with existing breakouts and improves overall skin condition
  • Visible signs of improvement in a short period of time.
  • No irritation, dryness or redness
  • Safe for all skin types
  • The Acne Buster is compact and portable, making it the most convenient and user-friendly device around plus you can use it for many other skin issues such as cold sores, wound care, sprains and more.
  • The Acne Buster is compact so you can take it anywhere. Because blue light kills a wide variety of bacteria including MRSA, Staph and Strep many take it with them when they travel to sanitize the areas around them on a plane, train or other vehicles.
  • Each charge will last 4-6 hours this device is designed so that you can use it anywhere, anytime you need
  • The Blue LED light works by producing oxygen, breaking down acne-causing bacteria and diminishing existing blemishes
  •  No cartridges or batteries to buy
  • No maximum number of treatments per day.
  • Use it several times per day until you see the acne clearing. 5-10 minutes at a time. LED Blue light in the visible light spectrum is safe for humans.


ONLY $149.00

The facts are a specific blue light wavelength helps stop acne. Now we have that bacteria killing wavelength in a hand held unit for you to use at home. You can see here the results of one young persons face after only a few days of using the Acne Busting light.

Red Light Helps Heal

Not only do we give you a Blue Bacteria killing light we also included some red light that helps your acne heal faster. So you get a double shot of treatment for your acne.

Some Of The Benefits

  • Will help reduce the  frequency and severity of your acne. It always seems like when one goes away another pops up. It will help reduce the pore size so they are not so noticeable.
  • The Acne Buster will help reduce the inflammation and speed up the healing.
  • Acne Buster will help prevent & treat acne scars
  • Non-Invasive the only thing you may feel is a little warmth.
  • Easy to use at home.
  • Only takes a few minutes per day to get effective treatment

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How light help acne?

For a lot of skin issues the sun is a real healer. But in some areas the sun is not out a lot of the time. So what do you do. Head to Florida and get some sun. That is expensive.

Sunlight itself contains a very wide spectrum of light. One spectrum is Blue Light like we are using in the Acne Buster that is shown to kill a wide variety of bacteria including Acne, MRSA, Staph, Strep and more. We are using visible light not in the UV spectrum that is harmful to your skin.

  • Ultraviolet light (UVA & UVB), at wavelength 280nm – 400nm for example, can harm and prematurely age skin and even cause skin melanomas and worsen skin conditions. It can also sterilize the skin of bacteria, not to mention helps us to produce vitamin D and perhaps other healthy hormones.

The Acne Buster has true blue visible bacteria killing light at a wavelength between 405-420 nm that has been shown to kill a wide range of bacteria including Propionibacterium Acnes, the main microorganism linked to acne. While not beneficial for skin health directly, blue light doesn’t harm us like excess ultraviolet will.

Visible Blue Light spectrum has been used by Dermatologist for years. Now you can use it in the comfort of your own home. What do yo have to lose. This picture speaks a thousand words.

The light also works great for Adult Acne

If you are tired of using all the creams and salves that cost a lot of money and you have to reorder all the time try the Acne Buster. It will work for 50,000 hours. You won’t run out of Acne Killing Light for a Long Long time.

How Does Blue Light Relieve Acne? The Technical Look…


  Acne causing bacteria have a weak link in their metabolism – a chemical called porphyrin. Our special blue light works by producing oxygen singlet’s which attach to the P.acnes bacteria (acne-causing bacteria). These singlet’s have a phototoxic effect on key porphyrins, causing the P.acnes bacteria to self-destruct. Our large treatment surface and high energy output treats acne fast for quick results.

This naturally produced chemical is sensitive to blue and other visible light, which energizes it, sending it on a destructive path around the bacteria cell.This activated porphyrin ultimately kills the bacteria (by creating singlet oxygen which combines with cell parts – destroying them), without harming the skin.

Want to speed up the healing process?

Our Red light provides light at 620nm and 670nm and has been shown to kill a wide range of bacteria plus speed up the healing process, again including Propionibacterium acnes, however the key difference over blue light is that red light is directly beneficial for our own skin health. Speed up the healing of acne scars.  It even promotes collagen to help remove wrinkles and more.

Why wait give it a try….it works for young people and older people who have Adult Acne.

Not only does it help stop acne it has been shown to help with Herpes, fever blisters and cold sores. One you feel that you are getting one…put the light on it a few times and it will either go away or only come out

Easy to use. Shine it on your acne several times per day for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Do NOT shine into your eyes. When shining on your face use the eye covers that are included. 

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Adult Acne

“This works better than anything I have ever tried. I am 55 years old and still get acne. I also use it for some arthritis pain. Best product ever.”

Teenage Acne

“My parents had bad acne and now so do I. Guess it’s genetic. This product does a great job of keeping the zit farm at bay. Beats anything else I have tried.”


“I have tried everything and this light works the best. I still use other things  but also use the light when I feel them coming on and they just go away.”

This light is not FDA Cleared but uses similar blue light that has been show to help with acne issues.

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