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UVC Virus and Blue Light Bacteria Sanitizing Applications

For the last three years Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has been developing Commercial, Industrial and Home use bacteria sanitizing products. We have been in the LED lighting business for over 10 years and we learned several years ago that a specific color of blue light (measured in nanometers 405-470nm) actually kills a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and more. We also found that using Red Light in the 660nm range helps speed up the healing process. We combined both of these lights and put together a hand held unit.

This was one of our first products to market. The response has been excellent and the applications this unit has is amazing. We have seen excellent results using this light on acne, cold sores, sprained ankles, sore muscles, burns, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, strep throat, spider bites, shingles, diabetes wound care and many more. Hard to believe but the blue kills the bacteria and the red light speeds up healing.


For more information on this light please check out our other website www.ledwellnesslighting.com  

From this we stared developing linear units, round and larger size Blue Light Packages that are now being used on the First Responder market place. Fire Departments around the country are now using our Blue Bacteria Disinfecting lights in their ambulances, fire trucks and fire department rooms.

2020 Covid Virus

In 2020 the Corona Virus attacked our country. Before that no one had ever really heard of UV light. While the blue light kills bacteria UV or Ultraviolet Light kills bacteria and viruses including the Corona virus. At this point knowing the industry we started developing new SAFE UVC lights to attack the Corona Virus.

We now have UVC Virus killing lights that are being used around the country for home and commercial applications including;

Medical Office Buildings for Dentist and Doctors, First Responders, Large Commercial Property Bathrooms, Trains, Automobiles, Homes, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Kitchens, Buses, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Day Care Centers, Restaurants, Warehouses and many more.

Food Grade Salmonella and Listeria Killing Lights

Food Grade LED Lighting

Today there are many applications available for our Food Grade LED Blue Light that kills bacteria.

We currently have two projects going on that fall into the agriculture industry. One is a multi-million dollar dairy farm who is having issues with their cows legs and feet becoming infected through scratching with their nails. Because of this they lose milk producing cows every month. We are using our Blue LED Bacteria killing lights to help stop the infection and using our red LED lights to promote faster healing.

We have another project going on in a large food packing plant. They have issues with Listeria in the plant and they are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to kill listeria in their plant. We are developing some new high wattage blue and white and blue bacteria killing lights to hang out over the areas that are causing them a problem in the plant. New and Innovative Agricultural LED lighting with Blue Light is a another way to help keep bacteria in the plants and barns to a minimum.