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Cat Breeder Uses Blue Light For Ringworm

Florida Cat Breeder Uses Blue Light For Ringworm. A high end Cat Breeder was having issues with Ring Worm with her cats. She called on us to see if our Bacteria Killing Blue Lights could help get her cattery ringworm FREE. Here is her latest comments.

“No More Ringworm! I would say that they aren’t an immediate cure…but after three months of 24/7 usage…our kittens are super healthy. I would recommend the hand held for use on a cats stud tail…it seems to help with that issue.”

Today we need to shift our paradigm a bit to include inexpensive SAFE blue light to help rid our areas of a wide range of bacteria and viruses. SAFE Blue lights has been researched for over 20 years now and we are finding that not only does it kill a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Ringworm and more it is now being shown to kill COVID, Colds, Flu and more. Keeping us healthy and our animals healthy is our number one goal.

If your looking for ways to help keep your breeding facility healthier give us a call. We have a wide variety of Blue Light fixtures than can help you make this happen.

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No pressure just help with keeping you and your animals healthy.

The Blue Light Team