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Portable Bacteria Disinfecting

Are Your Fire Trucks Going On More Ambulance Runs Than Fighting Fires?

Portable Bacteria Disinfecting Lights Help Kill MRSA, Staph and Strep And Keep Your Fire Trucks, Ambulances and Fire Houses Clean

Add Our Portable Bacteria Disinfecting Unit To Your Daily Cleaning Arsenal

This Proven Blue Light Technology Works For Everyone. Keep your homes clean, children’s rooms, kitchens, day care centers, schools, restaurants, churches and more free from bacteria. It is a different day. You can stay free and clean from bacteria. Cut down on being sick a couple times per year.

Are you in need of a portable bacteria disinfecting solution? EMS passengers sometimes harbor blood borne and airborne pathogens that can be spread to equipment, crew members, and surfaces within the vehicle. EMS vehicles must maintain a superior cleaning program that ensures passengers and crew members are not infected from previous passengers. A portable bacteria disinfecting Blue Light is a great adder to your standard cleaning procedures.

Believe It Or Not….Researchers Have Found MRSA On The Brake Pedals Of A Fire Truck. Where Is It In Your House?

Our new Special Bacteria Blue LED Light products can help reduce the risk of infection within the vehicle. Our Blue Portable Bacteria Disinfecting LED Lights are inexpensive to purchase and use and will provide a major improvement in cleaning your vehicles of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and more. They work24/7 and do not take days off. At ONLY $795 what do you have to lose?

Our Unit is SAFE for humans and animals. Uses visible light not UV. No Need to lock the doors or keep people out of vehicle. This is not UV light.

Proven Death By Light…MRSA, Staph, CDiff and more

“Turn On The Blue” Portable LED Bacteria Killing Light Specifications

  1. 120W of Blue 405-470nm blue bacteria killing light
  2. Long 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  3. 2 Year Warranty
  4. Comes with expandable tri-pod 6’ high
  5. 120-277VAC
  6. Safe do not have to lock doors of vehicle
  7. Easy to set up and use. Hang or put on tri-pod
  8.  Leave on overnight or when vehicle not in use
  9. Small unit easily stores in closet
  10. Easily moves out of way

Add The Blue LED Bacteria Buster To Your Traditional Cleaning Methods To Stop The Constant Buildup Of Bacteria

Research Is Being Done On This Amazing Technology. We are always being bombarded with new bacteria and viruses that our EMS people come in contact with every day. Our portable bacteria disinfecting unit is a perfect solution.

(Reuters Health) – Ambulance oxygen tanks are likely to carry the “superbug” MRSA, a small U.S. study suggests, pointing to the need for regular disinfection of medical equipment.  Researchers tested nine oxygen tanks carried by three ambulances based at an emergency medical services (EMS) station in Alabama. They found MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, on all nine tanks. They also swabbed oxygen tanks in a storage area, finding MRSA on 96 percent of the stored cylinders. See More Information WWW.ledwellnesslighting.com/Ambulance      “MRSA exists in firehouses and EMS stations as well,” Tan said, “and the challenge is finding universally effective disinfection procedures and techniques that are both effective and efficient, especially in busier EMS services where there is constant system pressure to get back in service to answer the next call for help.”

Johns Hopkins Study: EMS Cleaning Test

Ambulances were swabbed for bacterial contamination without prior warning to the associated EMS crews in order to test the true effectiveness of the cleaning methods. Adding our portable bacteria disinfecting unit is a great solution to your standard cleaning procedure. The areas tested were chosen due to their higher probability of transferring contamination and included the knurled oxygen flow regulator knob, the bench seat, the radio microphone knob, the lower track of a sliding door near the patient’s head, and the driver’s side door handle. All of these areas are frequently touched by the EMS workers and were thought to be difficult to clean with standard spray and wipe techniques. All ambulances in the study were found to contain moderate to large amounts of contamination, with three of the seven bacterial organisms isolated having strong resistances to antibiotics1. Bacteria Killing Blue light is affordable, easy to use, and achieves a high level of disinfection in a short period of time and can be used safely with or without passengers or crew in the area.

Here is Where MRSA Has Been Found In Ambulances and Fire Departments



% Of sites contaminated before traditional


% Of sites contaminated after traditional


Folds in stretcher mattress 66.7% 50%
Off side wall near stretcher mattress 66.7% 8.4%
Inside cupboard or drawers 33.4% 16.7%
Steering wheel 33.4% 41.7%
Inside mask-Entonox 58.4% 41.7%
Inside suction bottle 70% 20%
Rails of grid/track or floor 91.7% 66.7%
Cutter, J., Nigam, Y. A preliminary investigation into bacterial contamination of Welsh emergency ambulances. Emerged Med J 2003;20:479-482.

Ohio Testing:                                                                                                                                                                                          50.6% of all agencies tested across Ohio had an ambulance contaminated with MRSA3                                                     4.6% of EMS workers tested in Ohio were colonized with MRSA, which is higher than the rate of the colonization of the general public but on par with what was reported for other healthcare settings.3

One Fire Fighter Recently Said…

“What Do We Have To Lose By Adding These Lights To Help Keep Us Safe”

Questions We Like To Ask Our Fire Fighters and EMS Personnel

What Percentage of Fire Trucks or Ambulances do you think MRSA would show up in if they were checked today?

Are you making more runs with ambulances where MRSA is always around or fighting fires?

Are you more concerned about soot or bacteria for your health?

Does your standard cleaning methods get rid of bacteria?

Have and of your firefighters or EMS providers contracted MRSA or any other bacteria that is job related?

Have you heard of any EMS around the country having a MRSA problem?

This Technology is proven and works. What do you have to lose? It is safe and affordable Only $795 To Keep Your Department Safe From Bacteria

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