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UVC Wall Mount Light 42W

SKU: BT-WMV-42W-120-277V

UVC Wall Mount Light 42W




Wall Mount 42W UVC light
Wall Mount 42W UVC light

42W of bacteria and virus killing power.

Kills up to 99% of all viruses and bacteria

PIR Motion Sensor integrated to avoid people from getting hurt by accident

16,000 Hour Lifespan

On/Off Timers can be set at 15 minutes or 30 minutes from remote control

Blue Tooth Power Pack enables scheduling function

Wall Mount Light Specs
Wall Mount Specs

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Wall Mount Light 95
Wall Mount Light 95

 UVC Wall Mount Light 42W No Bluetooth

Commercial Germicidal Wall Mount UVC Bacteria and Virus Killing Light

Eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses and other microbes on surfaces and in the air. This unit comes with a motion sensor to keep people from getting hurt by accident. Unlike other UV units that only last 8,000 hours this unit last twice as long 16,000 hours. We also have a remote control that has a timer where you can choose from 15 minutes or 30 minutes. UVC tubes are replaceable and have an easy G10Q base for quick replacement. The tube is made in the US from a first class manufacturer. Blue Tooth power pack enables scheduling functions.


Indoor office space, hotels, schools, restaurants, kitchens, super markets, retail areas and other commercial sites.

Great Small Size with plenty of power to kill a wide variety of Bacteria and Viruses

Wall Mount Size
Wall Mount Size  5.32″ X 24.9″ X 3.37″

Easy to mount and any wall or ceiling.