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UVC Linear Light 60W

SKU: BT-GK-60W-120-277V

UVC Linear Light 60W


Linear UVC Light
Linear UVC Light


40W Linear Light Fixture that is 27.66″ in length. 120-277V available must let us know which one you need.

40W of UVC Bacteria and Virus killing power.

Effective kill 99.9% mites  

Effectively kill parasites and virus   

UV Radiation

Ozone Free UVC Lamp     

9000 hr. life expectancy                     

One Year Warranty

120v (100-140v)   or  230v (210-250v)   50-60 HZ                           

Color: Matt Silver

IR Remote Control             

20 second delay start  Microwave and PIR sensor built-in

254nm wave length


Available on backorder


UVC Linear Lights are an easy way to sanitize larger areas. These lights come in 40, 60 and 80w of UVC Bacteria and Virus killing wavelengths. UVC is proven to kill both bacteria and 99% of all viruses.

60W, 39.65″ Long, 120-277V must specify to order, Quartz Tube, Ozone FREE, Microwave and PIR Sensor for motion in room, 20 Second Relay Start.

Linear UVC Light
Linear UVC Light

UVC is proven to kill bacteria and 99% of all viruses including COVID-19, Staph, MRSA, Corona, EColi and more.

UVC Sanitation
UVC Sanitizer

This is one of the SAFEST Linear UVC lights on the market. It comes with a 25 Second delayed timer so you can turn it on and be out of the room. It also comes with a Microwave PIR sensor that will turn the unit off when it senses someone in the room. This is also a Ozone FREE UVC light to allow you to come into room earlier without any odor.

Safe UVC
Safe UVC

Available in 40,60 and 80W units. Figure out the spread you need to sanitize your area.

Linear Spread
UVC Linear Spread
UVC Linear Lighting Applications
UVC Linear Lighting Applications