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UV Auto Lifting Sanitizer 150W


UV Auto Lifting Sanitizer 150W


Silent Guardian 

UVC Light Sanitizing
UVC Light Sanitizing

Our Silent Guardian Remote Auto Lifting Series offers a FAST way to deactivate Viruses and Bacteria from small to large areas.

30 sec. delay start remote.

15, 30, 60 min timer.

Mobile Trolley, 1 yr. warranty, Motion Sensor


80 watt unit……………………….

120 watt unit……………………..

150 watt unit……………………..

Available on backorder


UV Auto Lift Sanitizer
UV Auto Lift Sanitizer

Safety is of utmost importance when using UV lighting to deactivate the COVID Virus and Sanitizer your facility of bacteria. This unit is our best model the has all the safety features included.

  1. Remote Start Control. This unit has a 30 second delay after you hit the start button,
  2. Included are Three timers to choose from…15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes
  3. Motion sensor. If someone walks into the room the unit turns off.

3 Different Wattages available 30W, 120W and 150W. We will be stocking the 150W units.

When the unit is finished sanitizing the room the UVC lamps slide back down into a protective tube for safe keeping.

Product Number: BT-HT-TR-150-UVC


Input Voltage: 120V


Wattage: 150W Trolley


Safety: 30 Second Delay Start, (3) Timers 15/30/60 Minutes On Time


Wattages: 80/ 120/ 150


UV Wavelength: 253.7nm


Material: Iron + Quartz Glass Tube


Feature: Scalable tube. Unit goes up and down


Product Size: 10”X 10” X 31”


Weight: 5KG.

What Is UVC? – Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short range UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV.” Short-wave ultraviolet radiation, in the “C” band (200 to 280 nanometers) has been used for over 100 years.

How Does UVC Work? – UV light in the form of germicidal lamps has been used since the late 1800s to kill the types of microorganisms that typically cause indoor air quality problems — bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses.

At certain wavelengths UV is mutagenic to bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. At a wavelength of 2,537 Angstroms (254 nm) UV will break the molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA, producing thymine dimers in their DNA thereby destroying them, rendering them harmless or prohibiting growth and reproduction. It is a process similar to the UV effect of longer wavelengths (UVB) on humans, such as sunburn or sun glare. Micro-organisms have less protection from UV and cannot survive prolonged exposure to it.

How To Use:

We designed this Portable Remote Auto-Lifting Anti-Germicidal LED Bacteria and Virus Killing light to have enough power (150W) to efficiently disinfect a room 20 X 20 in only 15 mintues. We know this will take care of a majority of rooms across the country. We also have 80W and 120W for smaller rooms. This unit will run on 120V AC power. Perfect to just set on the floor and sanitize the area. For SAFETY the unit has a 30 second delayed start with (3) timers 15, 30 or 60 minutes.  DO NOT STAY IN THE ROOM WHEN LIGHT IS ON. UVC LIGHT CAN CAUSE HARM TO YOUR EYES AND SKIN

Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause burns to your eyes. We suggest that you turn the light on and walk out of the room. Leave on for 15-30 minutes DEPENDING UPON SIZE OF ROOM to get proper virus deactivation. Enter the room 15-30 minutes after disinfection and turn off the light.

Our light has enough power to do both residential and commercial applications. It has enough power to disinfect AND DEACTIVATE the patient compartment of an ambulance, the cab of an ambulance, babies’ room, parent’s room, kitchen, restaurant overnight disinfection with timer, daycare overnight with timer, nursing homes with timer, universities, weight rooms, kindergarten rooms and more. Stay SAFE


Call for pricing on the smaller units. We will be stocking the 150W unit