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UVC Portable Room Sanitizer 150W

SKU: BT-PRSHT-150W-120-220-UVC

UVC Portable Room Sanitizer 150W

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Table Top UVC Light
Table Top UVC Light

This is the perfect Corona Virus and Bacteria Room Sanitizer that will work in many applications including bedrooms, office spaces, doctors offices, dentist offices, day care centers, hospitals and more.

Safety is our major concern when using UVC light. We designed this unit to have a remotes started so you can start the unit outside the room. It also has 3 timers set up so you can turn it on for 15, 30 or 60 minutes and walk away.

It also has a motion sensor so if anyone walks into the room the unit will turn of immediately so no one can get hurt.


 Product Type  UV Lamp
 Power  38W /60W /150W
 Input Voltage  AC220V/AC110V
 Material  Iron
 Beam Angle  360°
 Remote Control  Support wireless remote control and Motion Sensor
 Time Control  15 / 30 / 60 Min
 Disinfection area  40 sq.m.
 Emitting Color  Blue-white light
 IP Rating  IP20
 Application  Household / School / Office / Living room / Bedroom.etc



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150W UVC Portable Room Sanitizer

Table Top UVC Light
Table Top UVC Light

This  UVC Portable Room Sanitizer unit comes in 3 different sizes. 38, 60 and 150W. Safety is our first concern that is whey we had these designed with 3 important safety features.

  1. We have a remote start control so you do not have to be in the room when the unit starts up.
  2. There are three timers built in so you can pick between 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes
  3. Motion Sensor so when someone walks in the room the light will turn off.

Disinfection area is 40 Sq meters or 430 Square feet or a nice 20′ X 20′ room. Perfect for a bedroom, office space, Restaurant area, meat department and more.

This unit is Ozone FREE so you won’t have to worry about and odors when you get back into the room.