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Blue Germicidal Dual Area Light


Blue Germicidal Dual Area Light


Dual Anti Germicidal Light
Dual Anti Germicidal Light

Amazing Dual 90W Anti-Germicidal Light and 90W Area Light All In Same Package With Remote Control. Timers, Dimmers, Blue On, White On, Blue and White On.

The first ever Dual Remote Controlled Germicidal and Area Light fixture. Kill a wide range of bacteria and some viruses and provide area light at the same time. Blue Light in a specific wave length has been proven to kill a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Cdiff and more. The remote control lets you turn on the Blue light for sanitation or the white light for area light or both. It even has timers so you can turn the Blue light on for a period of time and then turn on the white light for area light. The remote control does 18 different functions. Breeders, Fire Departments, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Doctors Offices and more are perfect candidates for this amazing light. Cleans and Lights up the area all at the same time.

  • Super energy, bright, and efficient germicidal lighting
  • Disinfection and Illumination dimmable dual LED light
  • White standard light for illumination, Blue light for sterilization, or a Combination of White and Blue
  • Blue light sterilizes and disinfects surfaces and air, kills harmful germs like Bacteria (MRSA), Mold, and Fungus and
  • A hand held Remote with more than 10 control
  • 100% safe and effective in removing
  • NO harsh chemicals and NO UV
  • Long lifespan of LED: more than 50,000
  • Suitable for indoor residential and commercial
  • Applications: Hospitals, Restaurants, Homes, Offices, Nursing homes, Clinics, hotels, schools, and other health care
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control with 18 functions including timers, on/off for blue and white and blue only and white only. Dimming available

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Amazing Blue Germicidal Light And 90W White Area Light All In Same Fixture. Remote Control Has Dimmers, Timers, On Blue, On White, On Both White and Blue.

Light is up and kill bacteria all at the same time.

Amazing new Blue and White Area and Germicidal light all in one package with remote control. Kill bacteria and light up your area all at the same time. This Area light puts out 90W of White Light and 90W of Blue light to keep your area FREE from bacteria and some viruses. Blue Light in a specific wavelength has been proven to kill a wide range of Bacteria and some viruses including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Herpes, Kennel Cough, Cdiff and more. SAFE light not harmful to humans or animals.

Dogs Are Moved From Kennel Cough Quarantine 93% Faster Under Blue and White Area Light

A large Kennel that trains dogs for Veterans receives a large amount of dogs each each year. More often than not one comes in with Kennel Cough and then spreads it to others. When that happens they quarantine the dogs with the cough separate from the others. They tried our Blue and White area light over the quarantine dogs and found that the dogs got better much faster…almost 93% faster. They also found that the Blue Light seemed to calm the dogs down. It makes sense as Blue Light is in the visible light range and is just light sunlight. When dogs are let out side in the sun they always seem to calm down. Same with when the lights are on they calm down.

Veterinarians, Grooming and Boarding Professionals: Add SAFE Blue Bacteria Killing Lights To Your Daily Cleaning Routine

Blue Therapeutic light has been used for years. There are numerous articles about Blue Light in a specific wavelength that has produced amazing results for all kinds of problems. Blue Light does kill a wide range of bacteria including MRSA being number one. With that in mind Fire Departments are now using Blue Light to keep their ambulance patient compartments and cabs Free from MRSA and other bacteria. They are mounting them on the ceiling of both the cab and patient compartment for additional cleaning.

Doctors and Dentist are mounting them in their patient offices to help keep the area FREE from bacteria and viruses. Restaurants and other retail establishments are using them in their bathrooms to keep them free from bacteria. Larger restaurants are installing them in their HVAC Systems to clean and sanitize the air keeping employees and customers healthier.

Kennel owners and dog breeders are taking a keen interest in these lights. They want to keep their new puppies from from bacteria and this is a great way to provide excellent area lighting and bacteria sanitation at the same time.

Every day your animals are exposed to people, other animals, pollutants, surface contamination and more. It’s difficult to keep everything clean, plus infectious pathogens can stay active for up to two weeks raising the risk of an outbreak. By using our SAFE blue light LED bacteria and virus-killing light, your animals will have a better chance of not getting sick.

This amazing light comes with a Remote Control that has 18 functions including timers that keep the lights on for 30 minutes, 2 hours or 8 hours. You can dim the light 25%, 50% or 75%. You can turn on only the Blue Light or White Light or keep both Blue and White on at the same time, providing area lighting and sanitizing lighting at the same time. Keep your animals safe and healthy with our Dual Anti-Germicidal Light. This allows you to have great area lighting and at the same time Sanitizing the area.

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