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LED Blue Bacteria Killing Tube Fixture 24″ 9W

SKU: BT-FY-T8Y-24-14

LED Blue Bacteria Killing Tube Fixture 24″ 9W


Blue Bacteria Light
Blue Bacteria Light

This light is easy to install in all type so applications. In this picture you can see it installed on the wall of a Veterinary Office where they clean tools and also have some small kennels in the room. You can use this in many different kinds of applications. Under cabinets, in bathrooms, utility rooms, decontamination rooms, vehicles, kennels rooms, doggie day care centers and more.

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LED Bacteria Killing Blue Light fixture that is 24″ long. 9w of Anti-germicidal bacteria killing power. This unit will light up a 10

LED Bactria Killing Blue Light Fixture
LED Bacteria Killing Blue Light Fixture

x 10 room. Works on 120 VAC and comes with easy connectors to daisy chain several units together and clips to install on walls or ceiling. Applications can be ceiling of Emergency Vehicles, Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Cabs, Trains, Buses and more. This is a picture of the unit being used in a children’s bedroom. Turn it on when they are out of the room and let it clean up the bad bacteria. Will not harm humans or animals but best not to stare at light just like all other light fixtures.