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4″ Single EMS Ambulance Bacteria Killing Lights 17W

SKU: BT-14-120VAC

4″ Single EMS Ambulance Bacteria Killing Lights 17W


Keep the inside or your vehicles safe from Bacteria. Our 17 Watt LED Blue light will flood your cab with bacteria killing light. Keep your EMS First Responders SAFE. These units are SAFE to be around and very affordable to use.

Ambulance Bacteria Killing Cab Lights Ambulance Bacteria Killing Cab Lights

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EMS Ambulance Cleaning

A Safe, Affordable and Proven way to kill bacteria in your EMS ambulance vehicles, bathrooms, office areas or fire department. Easy to install. Provides 17W of bacteria killing power. Add this to your standard cleaning methods and keep your Fire Station Safe. 4″ in diameter, 50,000 hour lifespan, low cost, can mount on ceiling , wall, anywhere you need bacteria killing power. Works great in kitchens, showers, decontamination rooms, wash rooms, work our areas and more. Fits easily into the cab of many vehicles including EMS, Police, Hospital, Ambulance Transports and more.

EMS Disinfection 4″ Round LED Light

Ambulance Cab DisinfectionAmbulance Cab Disinfection

4" Cab Mount Blue Light Disinfection Module
4″ Blue Light Disinfection Module