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Grocery Store Carts Bacteria


CINCINNATI, OH, August 20, 2020

Grocery Store Carts Bacteria

Grocery Stores Use UV and Blue Lights To Keep Their Customers and Products Safe.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is making the grocery industry take a different look at how they are going to protect their customers and employees. Sentry Foods in Delafield, Wisconsin and Neu-Tech Energy Solutions (https://www.turnontheblue.com)  a leading LED lighting supplier are working together to install Blue Bacteria killing light fixtures and UVC light fixtures that kill both bacteria and viruses including the Corona in their store.

Studies Show Shopping Carts Have More Bacteria Than A Bathroom Door Knob

Most know to wash their hands after going to the bathroom but there’s one place germs are hiding that we can’t easily control: the grocery store. Think about this: You share shopping carts with strangers and pick up unwrapped produce that’s been inspected by dozens of unseen hands. According to insider.com overall, 75% of the grocery carts swabs tested at each of the 100 stores tested positive for a bacteria type known as “gram-negative rods,” which are harmful to humans. Other test have shown that one of the worst places to find bacteria in a grocery store is the fridge doors. Test have shown that fridge doors have 1,235 times more bacteria than the surface of your cell phone.

This particular Sentry store is using UV lights to disinfect their shopping carts of bacteria and viruses. Because UV lights can be harmful to your eyes and skin the lights are on timers and only work at night when no one is around. Today’s UV lights have remote starts, timers and motions sensors to make them safer to use.

Focused Blue Light in a specific wavelength has been proven to kill a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep Listeria and Salmonella. Stores use them to disinfect bathrooms, check outs, meat and produce departments where there is an issue with listeria and salmonella. “It’s a new day and protecting customers and employees is very important for this store” says Dave Klumb Lighting Engineer at Neu-Tech.

Neu-Tech has been in the LED lighting business for over 10 years and has been developing new bacteria and virus killing lights for over 4 years. To learn more, visit https://turnontheblue.com or email info@turnontheblue.com


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