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As a family owned company we have over 85 Years’ Experience In Lighting, Distribution, Material Handling, Environmental, and Machinery Controls. For the past 10 years we have been specializing in the LED lighting industry. Thousands of commercial and industrial LED lighting applications across the country. We specialize in bringing new and innovative LED technologies to market. Our new Advanced LED Lighting products include Blue Light for inactivating a wide variety of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep and more. . Red LED light for relieving pain and speeding up healing. UV Light to kill 99% of all  Corona Virus and Bacteria.

There are many different markets that could use our Advanced Bacteria Killing Blue Light Technology. Hospitals are now starting to use UV lights to kill bacteria and some are now using the Safe LED Blue Light Technology. After doing extensive research on this we found that First Responders are in serious need of a Safe and Affordable Bacteria killing light. They are the first in line to become infected with bacteria such as MRSA, Staph, Strep and more. In the past year we have developed several SAFE and AFFORDABLE Anti-Bacterial solutions to eradicate these bacteria in your patient compartments and cabs. You can also use our products anywhere in the Fire Station where bacteria is present. Our goal is to come up with a full line of Anti-Bacterial products that Fire Stations can afford to keep them safe and healthy.

We have developed a relationship with Dr. Chukuka Enwemeka from San Diego State University. He is a world leader in the study of photobiomodulation and has researched this technology longer than any other. He has written over 100 research papers on this and discovered in 2008 that a specific wavelength of blue light does kill MRSA.

We are very excited about the results we are getting using our LED lights. Our LED Wellness Lighting division is another step for our company as we bring more innovative and exciting products to our customers.

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