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UVC Induction Lamp

Induction UVC Lamps Last 60,000 Hours

HVAC Sanitation

HVAC Sanitation Using UVC Light Kills 99.9% Of All Bacteria and Viruses Including Corona, MRSA, COVID, Staph and more…Keep your People, Students, Patients, Employees and Yourself SAFE.

Regular UVC lamps only last about 8-9000 hours. Our amazing Induction UVC lamps last over six times a regular UVC lamp. How much will it cost you to change out 6 regular UVC lamps including maintenance versus an Induction Lamp? The answer is a lot. The other great benefit of using Inductions Lamps is they are waterproof. This is huge for many applications were lamps can get damp and damaged very easily.

Induction UVC Lamps last 60,000 hours while regular UVC lamps only last 8-9000 hours.

UVC Lights are easy to install and can be mounts on sides or ceilings of ductwork, inside air handlers, inside existing ductwork and many more place where air flows and you need sanitation of the COVID Virus and other bacteria.

UVC Induction Lamps Kill The COVID Virus Plus A Wide Variety of Other Bacteria and Viruses

UVC Kills Bacteria and Viruses
UVC Kills Bacteria and Viruses

Specifications and Benefits of our Induction UVC Light

  • Teflon and PVC connection wire: Anti-uv+water-proof+wear resistance
  • Bracket and screw made by 316L stainless steel: Anti-uv+Anti-corrosion
  • Special induction magnetic ring
  • Corlorful line for easy to distinguish
  • Special Connecting Parts: Resistance to fall
  • Tube is continuously upgraded and improved: Higher UV intensity
  • Special packaging
  • High Power ballast support 24h/day working
  1. Tube Material: High Purity Quartz glass
    Wavelength: UVC (254nm) / UVC+Ozone(254nm+185nm
    3. Working Voltage: AC165~265V/100~300V
    4. IP Rate: IP68, it can put water directly without any cover
    5. Working Temperature: -20℃~80℃
    6. Start-up time: 0.99s~1.5s, it can turn on/off thousands times
    7. Lifespan: 60000hrs
    8. UVC Output: 1300uw/cm2 in 1m
    9. Length of connection wire of tube: 2~2.5 meter
    10. Saving 40%~50% HVAC energy cost
    11. Killing bacteria and virus in 99.9%
UVC Lamp Comparison
UVC Lamp Comparison

Applications Are Endless; Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Homes, Restaurants, Gyms, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Grocery Stores, Fire Departments, Doctors and Dentist Offices and you name it….anywhere there is virus, bacteria and mold which is everywhere. Call for more information

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Induction UVC Last 60,000 hours

The applications for this light are endless. Keep your customers, patients, workers and everyone SAFE from the COVID Virus and other Bacterial illnesses. It’s easy to install and will last a long time. This is not going away anytime soon so now it the time to step up and keep everyone safe in your work place or home.

For more information on any of our UVC Bacteria and Virus Killing lights give us a call.

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