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Food Grade LED Lighting

Food Grade LED Lighting

Today there are many applications available for our Food Grade LED Blue Light that kills bacteria.

We currently have two projects going on that fall into the agriculture industry. One is a multi-million dollar dairy farm who is having issues with their cows legs and feet becoming infected through scratching with their nails. Because of this they lose milk producing cows every month. We are using our Blue LED Bacteria killing lights to help stop the infection and using our red LED lights to promote faster healing.

We have another project going on in a large food packing plant. They have issues with Listeria in the plant and they are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to kill listeria in their plant. We are developing some new high wattage blue and white and blue bacteria killing lights to hang out over the areas that are causing them a problem in the plant. New and Innovative Agricultural LED lighting with Blue Light is a another way to help keep bacteria in the plants and barns to a minimum.

Food Grade LED Lighting


SAFE LED Bacteria Disinfection for Food Processing and More

  Boost Traditional Cleaning Methods Add Bacteria Blue To Your Arsenal

The use of Visible Light in wave lengths measuring from 400nm to 470nm are becoming a more popular technique and adder to existing cleaning methods for decreasing or eradicating pathogens in the food processing industry.

LED Blue light wave length in the 400-470nm range has been  proven to reduce or eliminate E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and other foodborne pathogens. Just how effective the treatment is depends on exposure time, level of irradiation, and the technology used. Plus LED light in this nanometer range is SAFE for humans. You do not have to close the doors and keep people away for hours. You can turn it on when you leave the plant and turn it off when you come back in the morning. Lifespan of LED of our Bacteria Blue Lights are 50,000 hours not 15-20,00 hours like UV lights. Safe and easy to operate. Hang it or use a tri-pod.

Proven Death By Light…MRSA, Staph, CDiff , Listeria, Salmonella and more

Research Paper Reveals That Specific Colors Of Blue Light Kill A Wide Variety of Bacteria Including Salmonella, Shigella, Listeria and Mycobacterium Species in Liquid Suspensions and On Exposed Surfaces.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Has A Full Line Of SAFE Bacteria Blue Cleaning Products That Work 24/7 To Help Disinfect Bacteria.

Why wouldn’t you try SAFE LED Blue Lights? They work 24/7, never take a day off, no additional employee cost, plus as a bonus these lights have been proven to kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses that affect your employees…..colds, flu, COVID and others that keep your people from coming to work. Keep your plant healthy use Blue Light

Proven University Research

Salmonella Recall Could Cost $125 Million….click to see more


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Bactericidal Effects of 405 nm Light Exposure Demonstrated by Inactivation of Escherichia, Salmonella, Shigella, Listeria, and Mycobacterium Species in Liquid Suspensions and on Exposed Surfaces

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We Have Over 12 Years In The Lighting Business and Over 7 Years Studying, Researching and Proving That Blue Light Technology Is The Wave Of A Healthy Future.

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