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Animal Sanitizing

Animal Sanitizing

Veterinarians and Kennel Owners are adding SAFE LED Blue Light to their daily Pet Sanitizing program. NO Harsh Chemicals Easy To Install

Blue Light Breeding Facility
Frenchie Bulldog Breeding Facility

This is a an example of what dog owners, kennel owners and veterinarians are adding to the daily animal sanitizing routine. The 46″ light is both a bright 90W white area light and a Anti-Germicidal Bacteria killing LED Blue light. Not only does it provide amazing white light for area lighting but it is also equipped with a remote control that can turn on the Bacteria Killing blue light along with the white area light or you can turn on both the white area light and blue bacteria killing light at the same time. So while you work with your animals using the white light you will also be killing all the bacteria around the area at the same time. Blue light is SAFE for humans and animals.

Blue Bacteria cleaning light has been researched and around for 20 plus years. Blue light has been shown to kill fungus, yeast, MRSA, Staph, Cdiff, Strep and a wide range of bacteria and viruses that affect animals. Animal Sanitizing and keeping our 4 legged friends healthy is ready for a change.

Firemen and First Responders are using these lights to help keep their ambulances clean after a run with a patient. They are being installed in their cabs and patient compartments to help keep them and their patients healthy. No reason why we shouldn’t be using these lights to help keep our animals healthy? The technology is there and our 4 legged friends would rather be healthy than sick.

Kennel Cough Treated With Blue Light

Kennel Blue Light
Kennel Blue Light

One kennel used this technology to fight Kennel Cough. They train dogs for veterans and get new dogs in all the time. Many of them come in with kennel cough. They put the dogs under a blue/white light and the dogs were getting out of quarantine 93% faster under the lights. You can see a picture of that light in the kennel along with the white light on being used all the time. While you work in the area the light is also killing bacteria.

Remote Control Makes It Easy To Adjust Your Blue Light Cleaning

The remote control allows you to dim the light, put the blue light on or the blue and white on at the same time.

It even has timers built in so you can turn it on and walk away for 30 minutes or 8 hours.

dual remote control
remote control

This makes it easy to use when you leave the facility. You can use the timers to just turn on the blue light or white light whenever you want. If its to bright you can dim the light for evening use.

There are NO Harsh Chemicals to worry about or heavy scrubbing. Just Turn On The Blue and let it work.

remote control


Perfect for Dog Kennel Disinfection, Veterinary Disinfection, Kennel Sanitizing, Kennel Care, Breeder Sanitation and More

Only $249.00 Each. Does not smell. NO gloves or mask needed. Does not get washed down the drain. Just hang it and walk away. Click to Order

Click on the link below for a brochure on this Amazing Animal Sanitation Light

NT-Germicidal Dual LED Light 5-21

We have other sizes of Blue Bacteria Killing lights available to put on walls, ceilings, under counters, offices and more.