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Amazing Blue Light Keeps Your Animals Healthy

Breeders, Veterinarians and Animals Owners Are Adding SAFE Blue Bacteria Killing Lights To Their Daily Cleaning Routines

There is another way to help keep your animals healthy. SAFE Blue Light Technology. Animal Sanitizing and Disinfecting does not have to be so hard. No HARSH chemicals or scrubbing use just Turn On The Blue and let the light do your dog kennel disinfecting. Pet sanitation has never been so easy. It easy to add these SAFE Blue Bacteria, Virus and Fungal Killing Lights to your Veterinary disinfection program. The results were dogs got out of Kennel Quarantine 93% faster and they were much happier.

If you have animals or provide care for animals it is important to make sure you have healthy and happy animals. That is a top priority. Whether you’re an animal shelter, boarding kennel, breeder, doggy day care, or just an animal enthusiast Neu-Techs Animal Guard products are and easy way to help keep the areas where your animals hang out Clean and Free from a wide variety of bacteria and viruses.


Animal and Human Health Providers Are Adding Blue Light To Their Cleaning Routine

Firemen, Doctors, Dentist, Veterinarians, Breeders are now using our Visible Blue Light products to help keep these areas FREE from bacteria and viruses. Research has proven that Blue Light in a specific wavelength kills a wide variety of bacteria and virus including, MRSA, MRSP, Strep, Staph, Cdif, Bordetella, Salmonella, Listeria and more.

“What do we have to lose? It takes no energy to turn on a switch and it keeps our ambulances free from some really bad characters.” EMS First Responder Ft. Thomas

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Kennel Gets Dogs Out Of Kennel Cough Quarantine 93% Faster

One Kennel who specializes in training dogs for Vets had an issue with Kennel Cough from the dogs they bring in to train for the veterans. By installing a Blue and White tube over the Kennels where the dogs where quarantined they found that the dogs were leaving the quarantine 93% faster under the lights. They also found the dogs to be much calmer when the lights were one in the quarantine area.

“The majority of our dogs come in with Kennel Cough and they spread it around to our other animals. We got tired of keeping the dogs in quarantine. This light got them out of quarantine 93% faster. It works great!” Kennel Owner Jacksonville

The great thing about using Blue Light is that there is no mess, no chemicals to use and they are safe for humans and animals. Now after saying that you do NOT want to look straight at the blue light for extended periods of time just like you won’t look at the sun for long periods of time. It’s hard to do that anyway. On a normal day you will be exposed to more visible blue light from the sun when you walk outside than you will being in a room with blue light. Most of the time our customers are only using the blue light for short periods of time on a daily basis to keep control of the bacteria in the areas that are most likely to have the most problems. Most of our lights come with timers and you can also install motion sensors to have the lights turn of when something enters the sanitation zone.

Our veterinary, breeder, kennel, day care and home products are simple and effective for keeping pet facilities clean, germ and bacteria free, and safe for pets.  Keeping dog kennels disinfected and sanitized with effective cleaning can prevent pets from infections and diseases and keep the animals from taking them home after care is done.

“We sell dogs that cost a lot of money. We are very particular about keeping them clean and healthy. The Blue Lights ability to kill such a wide range of bacteria just makes us feel better about keeping our dogs healthy.” Dog Breeder

We have Blue and White light Animals Guards that not only provide great area lighting but also have a Blue Bacteria and Virus killing light built in with timers and dimmers so you can control when the Blue or White light will be on.

Pet owners understand how difficult it is to clean up after a pet – just one animal is enough to require the constant attention of a conscientious caretaker. Imagine that animal and on a scale of 1 to 10, rate the difficulty of caring for it and then multiple that number by one hundred. That’s how monumental the task is for a pet care facility which has the responsibility of creating a clean and safe environment for hundreds of diverse pets and their owners every day.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of pet care facilities and animal hospitals promote good health in pets and animals. . Pets and animals are highly sensitive, and even a slight amount of harsh chemicals in cleaning products can cause allergies and infections. Eco-friendly Blue Lights help keep your animals safe and healthy.

Hand Held Blue and Red Light Animals Guards Stop Bacteria and Speed Up Healing

Blue light inactivate bacteria and Red light speeds up healing and helps with pain and discomfort. Find out more click below. You can use it on your pet and also on yourself for so many things. My light sits by my bedside. I use it for cold sores, aches and pains, toenail fungus, acne, wrinkles and many more things.

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Keep Your Pet Cages Clean With Our Crate Light Sanitizer

Keep your Animal Cages FREE from Bacteria and Viruses. Once your finished using the cage. Take the animal out set the Crate Light Animal Guard on top of the cage and plug it into the nearest 120V socket. Set the time for 30 or 60 minutes and let the Blue Light do it’s job.

Keep Your Veterinary Office, Surgery Center, Treatment Center or Pet Area Bacteria FREE With Our Portable Blue Light Products.

Red Light Helps Reduce Pain and Speeds Up Healing

Whether you operate a dog kennel, veterinary clinic, zoo, breeder, pet shop or animal owner Neu-Tech  can provide you eco-friendly cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals.  All of these products are part of our solutions to bring you high quality LED lights that help heal, kill bacteria and keep your animals safe and healthy.

LED Lights are inexpensive to operate and last a long time. Electrical wise they are under 50W in use so the power you use will be less than a standard incandescent light bulb. Your new LED can lights in your kitchen only use about 8W.

Firemen Says Blue Light Sanitation Is A NO Brainer

As one Firemen said to us “Blue Light has been proven to kill a wide range of bacteria especially MRSA and Staph. What do we have to lose? We do our best cleaning the ambulance but we know we don’t get it all. Keeping the Blue Bacteria Killing lights on is a no brainer.”

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120W Portable Blue Light Can Be Moved From Room To Room. Easy To Use Cleans Large Area FAST. Click Here for more information

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