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Well Documented and Studied Research Shows That SAFE Blue Light In The Visible Light Spectrum NON-UV Kills A Wide Range of Bacteria and Viruses

Top LED Blue Light Bacteria Disinfecting Lights. Hand Held Great for Treating Wounds and infections. Linear Lights great to hang on walls and ceilings, portable unit great for doing larger rooms.

  • NSF Food Grade IP 69

    Anti-Germicidal LED Lighting

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  • Sale! Blue Light For Cats

    Hand Held Blue Bacteria Killing Light

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  • LED Tube Light Bacteria Killing

    LED Blue Bacteria and Fungus Killing Tube Fixture 48″ 22W

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  • Portable Bacteria Killing Light Ambulance

    Portable 120W Bacterial Killing LED Light

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What Is SAFE NON-UV Bacteria Killing Blue Light?

Blue Light in the visible light spectrum from 405-470nm is SAFE for Humans and Animals. When you walk outside you see Blue Light. What we know from over 20 years of research from Universities all over the world is that when you focus a particular nanometer of just Blue Light it can deactivate a wide range of Pathogenic Bacteria and now we are finding out it can also deactivate a handful of viruses such as coronavirus and the flu. Hospitals, Medical Offices, Fire Departments, Dentist, Veterinarians and more use SAFE Blue Light to help disinfect the areas they work or live in from these nasty bacteria and viruses….Read More

Breeders, Veterinarians, Animal Owners Are Using Blue Anti-Germicidal Lighting To Keep There Animals Healthy

Stay Safe Add SAFE Blue Light Bacteria Killing Technology To Your Everyday Cleaning Schedule

Amazing Blue Light Technology helps keep your pets healthy. SAFE and AFFORDABLE. Click For More Information

Check Out This New French Bulldog Breeding Facility...Absolutely Outstanding

How To Keep Your Animals Healthy!

Frenchie Bulldog Breeder Adds Blue Light To Keep His Puppies Healthy. Check Out Their New Facility….Absolutely Outstanding!

A Salmonella Or Listeria Outbreak Could Cost Your Company Millions

Proven NSF Food Grade Blue Lights Kill Wide Variety of Bacteria Including Salmonella and Listeria

Add NSF LED Blue Lights To Your Safety Program. Save Your Company Millions

Safe and Affordable

Neu-Tech Advanced LED Lighting bringing a Safe and Affordable Blue Light and UVC Light Technology that eradicates a wide variety of bacteria and viruses including MRSA….

Blue Light Decontamination Room

Where They Found MRSA

MRSA Is Everywhere and It Loves Firefighters and EMS Workers. MRSA Loves Firefighters, EMS Workers and Fire Houses, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and more

Round Ceiling Mount EMS Blue Light Disinfection

Bacteria Killing Light Packages

Neu-Tech LED Bacteria Killing Light Packages. We have a full line of Blue LED bacteria killing light packages that are SAFE and Affordable for All Fire Stations.

Help Eliminate MRSA , Staph, Strep, Listeria, Salmonella

Ringworm, Kennel Cough and More From The Fire Station, Factories, Kennels, Your Home, Offices, Work Places and MORE

Research has shown that MRSA, Staph, Strep, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria are present all around fire houses, homes, offices, work places, Schools and anywhere there are people and animals. This particular Fire House above is using our Portable 120W of Blue Bacteria Disinfecting Light all around the Fire House including….weight room, bunk room, lounge area, decontamination room, laundry room, bathrooms, showers and more. They simply move the unit from room to room during the week. Keep your First Responders Healthy and Safe with our Portable Blue Light Disinfecting Unit.

We have new Bacteria killing linear lights that you can install on walls, ceilings, vehicles, above door frames to disinfect entire rooms. We have NSF Food Grade Lights for the Food Preparation Industry. Let us know what kind of application you have and will help you figure out a way to kill the bacteria and viruses in your area.

Listeria and Salmonella Causing You Problems? Check Out Our Food Grade Bacteria Killing Light!

Food Grade LED Lighting

Food Grade LED Blue Bacteria Lighting.

Today there are many applications available for our Food Grade LED Blue Light that kills bacteria.

We currently have two projects going on that fall into the agriculture industry. One is a multi-million dollar dairy farm who is having issues with their cows legs and feet becoming infected through scratching with their nails. Because of this they lose milk producing cows every month. We are using our Blue LED Bacteria killing lights to help stop the infection and using our red LED lights to promote faster healing.

We have another project going on in a large food packing plant. They have issues with Listeria in the plant and they are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to kill listeria in their plant.

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Food Grade LED Lighting Killing Salmonella and Listeria

100 Year Old House With Leaking Basement Was Making Owner Sick.

Owner was always sneezing and short of breath. She told us her basement always leaks and there was mold. She ordered one of our 48″ Blue Sanitizing lights and this is what she told us.

“Gary—Our house is over 100 years old but does have a cement basement floor. It sits at the bottom of a large hill so we get water in just this one corner. I knew there was black mold there but never thought it was impacting my health to the extent that it was. My shortness of breath is much better and the sneezing has come to a 100% halt!!! Thanks so much for this blue light product—worth every penny of my money!!!

Anti-Germicidal Light
Anti-Germicidal Light

If you have any questions about any of our products or about UV Lights and Blue Light please feel free to call any of our experts for answers. 

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